The Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Mobile MarketingMarketing your business is more than just creating a message and determining how to split your budget, it’s also about knowing the recent trends and positioning your money where you’ll get the greatest returns.

The internet is a dynamic kingdom, and online marketing is in a continuous flux, containing search engine marketing, which has developed over the years with further sophisticated search algorithms and targeted results.

If you haven’t used search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising, it’s not too late to start. If you have, now you must combine it with mobile advertising. The main idea is to embrace mobile marketing as part of your complete internet marketing plan.

Benefits of Mobile SEM

  • Highly targeted: Is considered one of the key benefits of SEM. The location services on smartphones let advertisers advertise in an even more targeted way. Business owners can select target customers who are the most probable to pick locations in the surrounding area. This method can be a profitable technique for advertisers who have a reduced budget but still want a presence online.
  • Lower cost: Compared to desktop cost per click, the CPC for the same exact keyword on mobile phones inclines to be lower. Moreover, mobile and tablet click share has gone up 30%. In conclusion, you’re paying a smaller amount for every potential customer while obtaining your position in a growing market. Certainly, desktops still have the bulk of clicks, but overlooking the increasing mobile trend would be damaging to business development.
  • Response: The mobile phone is fundamentally a personal device, and that converts to user behavior: 89% of mobile handlers take some action as an outcome of a Google search, according to Google. Those actions could be in the type of purchase, a visit to the store, or research. No other type of advertising can have an extraordinary response rate or as much consumer interaction.

Clicks with Google Mobile Extensions

Each business is fighting for consumers’ clicks, and it’s no different on the smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Standard SEM best practices also include mobile, but Google has also applied an array of additions and features to raise conversions for mobile.

  • Click-to-Call Extensions: This allows consumers to call your business directly without going to your site and searching for your number. People are accustomed to use the phone for calls, calling you for info on their phones comes naturally to them.
  • Mobile Site Links: Site extensions allow users to directly go to the page they’re interested in, without having to navigate through the rest of your website. The easier you make it for consumers to get what they want, the less unsatisfied they will be and more motivated to make a purchase.
  • Location Extensions: The greatest way to reach out to local customers is through local extensions. Allow searchers to know where you are located and the directions. The phone is a symbol of convenience, and your ad can show that. If your business is near them, the more likely they are going to consider your services.
  • App-Promotion Ads: A lot of time spent on mobile is usually spent on apps. With an abundance of apps available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store, it’s difficult to get noticed by users. The app-promotion ads let you endorse your app when consumers search for you.

In conclusion, consumers are looking for convenience on mobile devices. Customers are searching for you and what you offer. Mobile marketing has developed into an element of search marketing that you shouldn’t miss out on.


SEO and Blogging on Your Site

Websites today compete for the top spots on Google and Bing when consumers search for a service. While consumers may not search for that particular business, it may come up based on it’s services, and the amount of clicks the site gets. One way the sites get noticed is through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. Using keywords and descriptions, SEO connects with different search engines to allow consumers to see the best results. A second way to be seen online is through blogging. By writing articles, posting events, or posting videos, your blog can increase traffic to your website, and bring you higher on the search list. Based on a HubSpot study, blogging companies have about 97% more inbound links. This means that they are getting more viewers to their site, which helps them gain more new and return customers. Blogs can expand your company’s market, and your website’s reach on the search engine answers.

cloud of words or tags related to blogging and blog design on aUsing SEO while Blogging: SEO can be a great help in blogging. While writing your article, using your website’s keywords can increase it’s value to a search engine. Also, adding keywords to the first two lines of the article can increase the likelihood of it being noticed. However, you do not want to overdo it. Other than ruining the writing piece with redundant vocabulary, Google and other search engines may condemn it. Experts say that roughly 2% of the words in your article should be main keywords.

Pictures: Adding a picture or two to an article can increase your blogs hits dramatically, if you do it right. Articles with pictures can be found more easily by search engines if the picture name is not random letters and numbers. Naming the picture by what it looks like, as well as adding a keyword, can boost the ranking of the article on the search list. Stock photos from companies like Bigstock have a basic description as the picture name, for just this purpose.

Social Media: Posting your blog article on Facebook or other social media sites can help get the word out for your business. Putting up an article a week, or even 2-3 a month can increase business. While you don’t want to overflow your follower’s news feed with articles, an additional picture or two can keep your latest news on their minds.

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Benefit from Online Reviews

Vector flat customer experience conceptsToday, customers have endless opportunities when it comes to interacting with brands. If you love a certain product you just ordered, you can leave a personal review on the company’s website. If the service at a particular restaurant was poor, you have the option of leaving a negative review on their site for everyone to see. Nowadays, the consumer’s voice can be heard loud and clear.

Although customers like being heard and speaking their minds, businesses also benefit from consumer feedback. Online reviews and other feedback tools can be used to improve almost all parts of a business, from the quantitative to the qualitative.

1. Don’t fear the negative feedback:

Numerous brands are hesitant to use online review systems because they’re fearful of airing their dirty laundry, which is a foolish concern.

Most online reviews are positive, believe it or not. Also, studies have found that nearly 80% of customers think user reviews are treasured, so your brand will satisfy shoppers by having reviews. Nevertheless don’t think you need only positive reviews, customers trust a reviews’ validity more when some are positive and negative.

2. Put your review form in the correct spot:

Placing your review form in an easily available part of the site at checkout is a great example since your brand will appear more trustworthy and be customer-focused, which encourages customer loyalty and retention. If consumers can easily see and read others’ comments, your word-of-mouth marketing will progress significantly.

Studies have shown that brands using online reviews can increase sales by as much as 60% possible because 70% of patrons are confident in their purchase after reading reviews.

Other effective pages to ask customer opinions are: the home page, about page, the shopping cart screen, search result page, and social media business pages.

3. Resolve bad reviews and include them into operations:

Never ignore a negative customer review, whether in an internal review or on social media. It’s best to reach out to the customer and honestly try to solve the situation. Thus, your brand will seem human and compassionate, and customers will feel appreciated.

Research from PeopleClaim found that 90% of customers continue to shop for the brand they once criticized if issues are taken care of quickly and proficiently.

There are also other amazing benefits when resolving a negative review with a customer. Handling customer complaints does please the unhappy person in the short-term, but it also lets you realize why your business is receiving bad reviews in the first place. Closely look at negative feedback and use it to course-correct and to advance your company.

4. Personalize your requests for feedback from consumer:

Instead of offering review forms on your website only, or making up a general email blast, send out personalized requests for feedback. Using customers’ names and being truthful about why you’re collecting shoppers’ comments will allow people to more likely to write true reviews.

5. Use social media and third party review sites

A study from Google has found that companies with reviews-based online ratings have 15% greater click-through rates than those that don’t contain them therefore your business will be in front of more possible buyers. Social media reviews also have a big influence on traffic. So big, in fact that Sociable Labs found that three-fourths of individuals have gone to a brand’s site from something they read on social media.

How to make your company stand out on Instagram

instagramLooking to attract more followers on Instagram? Are you using Instagram to its full potential?Instagram engagement is approximately 58 times higher per follower than Facebook. Don’t underestimate its marketing potential.

Here are 5 ways to make your brand stand out on Instagram to achieve more followers and get better exposure for your business.

1. Advertise your Business

Research has proven that people remember 20% of what they read and 80% of what they see. Since most companies use their logo as the profile picture for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it makes sense to add Instagram to that list.

Consistency in social media benefits people to quickly recognize a company’s content no matter where they are. Whether you have an Instagram account or just setting up an account, make sure your basic settings are complete and give as much relevant information as possible. Be sure to provide a brief description of what your company does, and add your company’s voice and personality. Moreover, add a link to your website so consumers can locate you on the Internet too.

2. Share on Social Media Networks

If you have a large number of followers on other social networks, most of those same fans will be intrigued in following your Instagram account.

Let the fans know how to locate you and invite them to join you. Share your Instagram updates to Facebook and Twitter or where you have the most followers.

Your website is a great place to promote your Instagram account and for visitors to follow you. Place an Instagram badge in the website sidebar so consumers can click and follow in seconds.

3. Be Creative with Promoting a Product

Since your bio and sharing options are ready to go, it’s time to start posting eye-catching photos that draw people in and force them to follow you. Instagram has an abundance of filters to assist you in improving your photos. Do small tests to find the exact one that suits individual photos and receives the most audience response. Or, if you want to keep a consistent photo stream, select a single filter to use on all of your shared photos.

As a business, it can be enticing to post a basic photo of your product.  Therefore, it’s not likely to draw too much attention. Think about how you can show off your product in a creative way that holds with your company’s established online voice.

4. Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags are a tremendous contributor to the success of your Instagram efforts. They make it simple to track who’s talking about you or participating in a particular campaign. Moreover, when you share your photo to Facebook or Twitter, the hashtags will show there as well. Make sure the hashtags you select are relevant to your business and do research to find out what hashtags your customers are using. Researching also make sure you’re not using something associated with someone else’s campaign.

5. Host Contests/Giveaways

Instagram contests and giveaways are simple, exciting ways to have your followers interact and to be able to reach a larger audience as people share their photo entries with others. Starting a giveaway or contest is easy: Just let your followers know what types of pictures to post and use a precise hashtag for the campaign.


5 Tips To Amplify Your Business Through Online Marketing

Magnifying Glass - Internet MarketingThe 21st century focuses on innovation and technology, and marketing is not exempt from these trends. While you might be uncertain about the benefits of internet marketing, understanding the tremendous power it has can change your mind.

What the Customers want:

When possible clients hear about your company through word-of-mouth or a print advertisement, they usually want to acquire more information online. Not having marketing-targeted websites means that you aren’t giving consumers what they want to read, and most of them will go to other companies that are more updated lately.


Search Engine Optimization is an influential strategy that is practically required for success in the business world. Nevertheless, without online marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, cannot give you its full potential. SEO strategies assist you to get consumers straight to your site based on the smart combination of keywords and phrases. Depending on the type of business you own will affect the SEO that you select and your SEO strategy.

Content marketing

Giving details about your business on the website is important to provide customers a complete look at what you have to offer and why your company is the best for them. Internet marketing allows you to create blog posts that make the audience interact while tactically including hyperlinks to get them to your product or services.

Targeted Advertising and Social Media

Online marketing is more than just putting ads on other websites. You also want to give your business specifics to the places where internet users are going for most of the time: social media networks. Targeted marketing campaigns allow advertisements of a particular product to appear on the Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages of parties who have expressed an interest in similar goods through internet searches.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and other types of social media provide a platform for advertising, they also allow you to interact with your clients, which is a type of marketing in itself. Posting status updates or details of a future event assist you to produce awareness for your business, and your followers can also share this material with their friends.

Most Effective Facebook Calls To Action

Social Media ButtonsJust asking someone to share a post is frequently the most effective call to action (CTA) for Facebook posts by brand according to recent reports (TrackMaven).

Posts that contain the word “share” have almost two times as many social actions (likes, comments, and shares) on average compared with those that do not (4.02 vs. 2.19 average interactions per post), the analysis discovered.

The word “please” was also found to be an effective CTA, with approximately double the average number of interactions as well.

Out of the words observed, “now” was found to be the least effective: Posts containing the word have only slightly better effectiveness than those that do not.

Although the efficiency of some CTAs, the report indicates, marketers must keep in mind that the latest News Feed system change disciplines Pages that involve in “feed spam behavior,” which is defined by Facebook as “when a post clearly asks News Feed followers to like, comment or share the post to get extra circulation beyond what the post would generally receive.”

The authors recommend marketers to follow Facebook’s advice and generate calls to action that are “genuinely trying to encourage discussion among fans.”

Below are key findings from TrackMaven’s Report, which was based on an analysis of 1,578,006 posts shared by brands on 5,804 Facebook Pages.


·         83.9% of the posts observed did not contain any hashtags.

·         Among posts that included hashtags, the majority had only a single hashtag, accounting for 11.6% of all posts.

·         Posts that contained hashtags had more interactions than those that did not.

·         Posts containing one or two hashtags had more engagement than those with three or four.

·         Only 0.02% of the posts examined used seven hashtags, but those that did had exceptional engagement, with 5.41 average interactions per post.


·         71.2% of the Facebook posts observed did not contain an exclamation point, 21.6% used a single one, 5.2% had three, and 2% included four or more.

·         The analysis found a hopeful association between post effectiveness and number of exclamation points per post.

·         Posts with seven exclamation points had the greatest engagement, with 7.8 interactions on average.

·  78.1% of the Facebook posts studied did not contain a question mark, 19.6% had a single one, 1.8% included two, and 0.48% had three or more.

 · Posts with exclamation points, the analysis found a positive association between post efficiency and the use of question marks: Posts without question marks had less than average interactions per post (2.35) than those that included one or more questions marks (2.90).

 · Posts that used nine question marks had exceptionally high engagement, with 6.05 average interactions per post on average, but only accounted for fewer than 0.002% of posts.

Building a Website – Things To Consider

Web Design Development IllustrationBefore you decide to have a website built, think about what you want the site to accomplish for your buiness. Will it be a brochure site, a blog or an e-commerce site? Pick a platform that suits your needs. We like Wordpress for blogs. Open Cart and Magento for e-commerce, vTiger for CRM and you may choose certain platforms depending on your special needs or industry standards..

Decide on a proper domain name. When choosing a domain name, look for one that people will remember. Keep it as short as possible while making it memorable Do you want a .com, org or other kind of extension? I still prefer a .com  for most businesses although there are many extensions available today.  It helps if the domain name includes a keyword or phrase that people will search for when looking for your product or service.

Think about the layout and color that you desire. What colors are right for your industry? Are there other websites that you like the look of? Do you want a one, two or three column website? Would you like a picture slider or video on the front page? Have you thought about a logo? Do you want a website that is framed or would you like it to expand to both ends of the screen?

Your content is the most important part of your website. Make sure it’s concise informative and interesting. There should be a call to action, because a site that just educates and doesn’t ask for interaction will most likely have a poor ROI (return o investment). Make sure your content includes the keywords people will be searching for when they are looking for your services. But write your copy for the people, not the search engines. An excellent user experience should be your number one goal. communicate directly to your prospective audience. Think about who your audience is and address them directly n a manner that appeals to them.

Make sure your calls to action include alluring buttons or links that attract attention but don’t make the site look gaudy. If you try to make everything stand out nothing will. Let the focus of attention point to your most important subject. Let the consumer focus on one thing at a time. Offer a sign-up sheet for a free top 10 list or e-book in exchange for an email address or contact info. An email sign-up form should be considered. Dees your website need contact forms for quotes and requests?

Choose quality pictures and videos. sub-par photos make for an ugly website. By quality photography and make sure your videos are professionally done. The pictures shouldn’t clash with the colors you have chosen for the website.

Make sure your website content, look and feel is unique and not a copy of your competition’s site. If it is you can only be second best. Choose a  legible clean font. stay away from fancy, flowery fonts that distract the customer and go with clean simple typography.

Consider the screen resolution of the website you want to create. Make sure it’s cross-browser compatible. Will it be mobile ready? Will the version for PCs offer all of the bell and whistles the consumer wants and will the mobile ready or tablet ready version offer the features needed. Ensure the mobile ready versions give the consumer fast and easy contact information. Include Google analytics and use webmaster tools on your website, so you can track and study your web traffic. This will help you to improve your website based on customer interaction instead of conjecture.

Offer prominent social media links on your site but don’t send them to your social media pages from the website. Instead of sending the customer away from your website which can create transactions, allow them to like and share your content on other social media platforms while keeping them on you website.

Once your website is built and serving your customers, keep working on it. Keep your content  fresh and new. Write new articles and human interest stories on a regular basis. Post these article on other websites and social media platforms. This will help keep prospects and customers coming back. Having an effective, lead generating website can be very rewarding and exciting. Enjoy it.

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Customer Service Tips

As more companies lean towards computerizing and outsourcing, one thing that stays prevalent in the business world is customer service. No matter what your competition in an area may be, customer service and relations come to play huge roles in how a consumer rates a company in any field.

    Getting to know your customers and their preferences can help them recommend your business. Acting on those preferences can keep your customers happy and talking about your wonderful service. For example, contractors need to know how their prospective customer wants a new house or room to look. Asking the right questions can be a great way to find find out exactly what your customer wants. Start with a questionnaire the asks everything you need to know before starting the project. Get the customer’s buy-in with a signature at the end of the questionnaire. This allows you to start the relationship with proper expectations and will help your customer to get started on the right track. They may see you as both empathetic and understanding. Word-of-Mouth is the best advertising, and understanding your customer can make them feel good about recommending your service.

    Make sure you have a set of trustworthy and caring employees. You may not be able to do everything yourself, but assembling a good team that the customers enjoy can make your job easier. It is imperative that a customer can be helped with any problem he/she has during their time with you. Plan for mistakes. If a customer can’t find what he/she wants, offer a similar product or service that may be just as good for them, if not better.

    For stores or showrooms, customer service can be extremely useful. Stores often utilize employees to help a consumer find what they need, including certain styles, sizes, colors and other variations to specific products. Employees should know where anything in the store could be found, in case a customer needs a specific item. Unless the item is in the back room, leading a customer to it, rather than pointing, can be a great way to show that you care about the shopper, and want to help them in any way possible. Whether or not you pay compensation for sales, employees need to feel obligated to assist the customer as much as they need.

    Never be afraid to add a bit of eccentricity. Customers usually remember that little detail that sets you above the rest. This can be a change in anything from the decor, employee uniforms, ambient music, or the way you display products. Keep in mind that overdoing this can throw off customers and make them feel weird. Try finding a nice, subtle difference that makes you stand out. Sometimes this difference can be better for children of the customer. Young children don’t always want to be dragged along with their parents to do errands. By adding something the shopper’s kid would enjoy, you can make both of them happy.

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Organic Search – Why It’s Important

bigstock-SEO-flow-chart-on-a-whiteboard-30908507Many business owners come to me asking for more traffic to their website. The thought never occurs to them that having great content on your website is paramount to attracting new customers and keeping existing ones. Today there is no magic pill for web traffic for small business. If you want returning customers, giving them a pleasant user experience is what keeps the coming back. Growing your business through Organic Search is a long term strategy that pays.

Paid search works for business if you have an unending supply of capital to throw at it, but if you want to keep customers coming back you need to give them what they want. Education, entertainment, great products and services and good journalism is the reason people search the internet and devour it's contents. Grow organically so you can spend less on paid advertising over time. It's a prudent strategy that works.

If you have a website, make sure it has a blog. At BetterBizWorks Web Design most of our client's websites have a blog. My advice is to fill that blog with quality articles, that your customers and prospects will have an interest in. Give them tips, best practices, info and entertainment related to your industry. These articles can pay big dividends because a prospect that becomes a fan because they learned from you can become a loyal customer for a lifetime. If you have a shopping cart website with a line of products, you can do human interest stories on customers that have used items sold on your site. Show how the client benefited from it's use along with a testimonial and some pictures, and your on your way.

Creating content takes some work. Read about current trends. Stay abroad of what's happening in your industry and let your customers know the facts along with your advice. Keep it interesting and entertaining and use original content. Try to write weekly or bi-weekly to keep your website filled with fresh and current information.

Getting people to find your content once you have posted it is another story. You can post links to your articles and blogs on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and others. Post pictures on Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Publish your article on article sites. Work with other websites that will promote your website. You can reciprocally promote their articles on your website. Look for synergistic relationships. If you have a gardening website you might promote an article from a seed company or gardening tool company in return for a reciprocal link. When reading articles from companies in your industry reach out to them and create a relationship so you can market each other.

Other ways to help your organic search are to use proper keywords in your articles. Use Google Analytics to see what keywords customers are using to find your site. There are many keywords tools to show you which keywords are most popular in your field. Use them, but remember every article should be written for the benefit of the consumer, not the search engines.

You will find that if you write great articles and fill your website with the content that your customers are searching for you will be rewarded greatly. Hopefully writing will become a cherished hobby and your business will grow.

If you need help with Organic Search or if you would like articles written and posted for you BetterBizWorks is always here to help. Call us at 212-904-0020 or contact us.

The Difference Between WordPress and Bootstrap

The internet is changing once again, with the evolution of new mobile products many people are looking at alternatives to standard web platforms. Among websites, Wordpress is one of the most common topping 17% of sites. This titan of the web industry is built to allow for easy use, dynamic visual flow along with interactive blogging and search engine optimization . Bootstrap, a new and growing website style, works to make the compatible for any device. While both run exceptionally well, they each have unique qualities that can be great for any business website.

Wordpress is good for anyone, especially if viewed from a large screen system, such as a tablet or computer. Themes for Wordpress are more conceptual and visually appealing than Bootstrap. It can have a more 3-dimensional curvature than it’s counterpart. Bootstrap is much flatter and basic-looking than Wordpress. The high-end design of Wordpress makes it use up more memory when loading the pages of the website, which may be slower when loading on a phone or other mobile device.

Bootstrap, while equally as good, is best suited for smartphones or small-screen devices. Bootstrap’s dynamic design allows for the page and text to change size based on the viewing window. This is so that you do not need to side-scroll during the use of the site. Any pictures, text, or buttons on the website move in and out as the window size changes so that it is impossible to side-scroll, but scrolling up and down is imperative to the use of the site. Bootstrap uses less memory to load than wordpress does, so it could be better for loading on a mobile device that would take longer to load than if it were on a computer with better connection.

To discuss which web platform would work best for your business, and what we can do to make your business a fantastic, customized website, call us at 212-904-0020 to set up an appointment.

Online Marketing Tools for Your Business

bigstock-Internet-marketing-text-cloud-10245077Beginning to market your business can be a challenge, if you don’t know where to start. Marketing online is not just about making a website, or forming a facebook page. Whether posting pictures, videos, or articles for your business, you need to know what look, demographic, and format you should have. Here are ten basics to online marketing you need to kick off your business on the web.

Know Your Enemy:

    Find a target audience for your company. Knowing the worries, values, and troubles of the demographic can help establish a basic connection with the people you are focusing on. If your company aims towards married women between 30 and 45, they focus more on the welfare of the family, education, and safety. They may also use social media sites or read articles on parenting sites. Having information such as this can aid in how you form your marketing campaigns, so that they address their views, lives, and frustrations so they look to your product or service.

Understanding the Vibe:

    No matter what product or service you are providing, you need to figure out what look and feel you want to send out while marketing your business. If you have a beauty salon, you will most likely have a feminine and chic look, with earth tones for the background. If you promoting a restaurant, the feel should be warm and inviting, with pictures of your food to make people want to go there. Either way, the colors, messaging, tone, color palette, and logo should have a connection to your business as a whole. Having an all red site while your logo colors are blue and green may not be the best choice. The brand elements of your business form not only the theme of the site, but also the feeling you want to send to potential clients or customers that see it.

    Having A User-Friendly Website:

    Part of having a professional-looking website is making it easy to navigate for everyone. Put the phone number for your business in a clearly visible, and obvious spot, such as the top or sidebar. Along with the phone number, an email address and business hours should be easy to find and available to all site visitors.  Having a clean, focused design can make it much easier for the consumer to use. If all the information on the website is scattered, it may be hard for your customers to find what they need. Keep updating the content on the site as news comes up, such as a new item on the menu, deals and special offers, or information on a topic that pertains to the site.

    Keep Them Coming Back:

    To keep current customers with you, and bring in new ones, you should publish new and relevant content that your customer base would like. A hair salon may write about a unique hairstyle, a new member of the staff, or a hair product that they just began to offer. Whether you want to establish a blog page on the site, or just put up posts on the homepage is up to you. Posting a new article every 2 weeks can keep readers coming back for more. Consider posting the articles on a social media site as well, because it can be shared by readers. This allows for your followers friends to see your article. They may, in turn, become followers themselves.

Strength Through Social Media:

    Social media can be an easy way to connect to potential customers, and keep in touch with your current ones. It is important to get on the right social media for your business based on what you do, sell, and the demographics that you aim for. Hair salons and remodeling contractors might use Pinterest because the user base of it is mostly women. Pinterest is also popular for showing pictures, so it can be a good way to show off a finished kitchen, or hair style. Facebook may be a better option for restaurants and diners, because it allows for a large amount of text to give out information on specials or events. Pictures can be put up on Facebook as well, so a picture of a new menu item can go out to your customers. Only 5.4% of Facebook’s users are below the age of 18, so this caters to the adult and family base that restaurants go for. In fact, 15.6% are age 55 or above. Figure out which social media sites will offer the best connection to your customers, whether current or potential.


Consider making a mobile version of the site, in addition to the standard style. With the growing use of smartphones, this can be a huge plus. The mobile version should offer the same information as the standard version. A phone-friendly website might have a map function, or a click-to-call option. This adds to the chances of being contacted by people who are in need of your services.

Email Blasting:

    Email blasters are used to send out mass emails to customers who have signed up. It allows you to send information to all of your clients and offer special deals to have them come back. Coupons, announcements, hints, offers, and more can be sent to all of the customers who have signed up. Email marketing vendors such as MailChimp or Constant Contact can be used to set up an email blaster easily and keep you connected, organized, and ready to send out a mass email. Just make sure you stay within the U.S. Federal trade laws and keep from sending emails to customers who leave or refuse the email blasts.

Search Engine Connections:

Getting information out to the world is very easy in the age of the internet. The best way to get your name out there is by using search engines. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to do this because it adds keywords to organize where your website should appear when someone searches. It is based on what keywords the searcher is using, such as the service or product they want, what location they are in, et cetera. You want your site to come before all the others, so use multiple, keywords that are relevant to the purpose of the business.

Using Online Business Listings:

An online business listing is a great way for you to put your business, and website, out for consumers to find. Directories such as Google Places, Yelp, and Yahoo! Local can bring local customers to you. Many listings are connected to Google or Apple Maps, so people using the map service can find you easily. Make sure that the information on your listings are correct.

See What Works for You:

    Which marketing tactic works the best for your business? Are customers opening your emails? Find out what is bringing you the most new customers. This is important, as it tells you where to continue spending your time and money. Remember that you probably won’t get a huge influx of new customers on the first day. It may take a while, but once established, a fully functional marketing set-up can really benefit your business.

Why do you need a mobile website?

bigstock-Cloud-Sync-Media-Devices-51772657The majority of American families have access to more than one mobile device on any given day. Over 15% of all internet access in America comes from a mobile device and is rising every day. Use of smartphones and tablets has exploded and the small business hasn’t kept up with mobile demand. The best way for your customers to contact your business may be through a mobile website.   Mobile access provides immediate advantage for sales, emergencies, and customer service.


It’s important for your mobile customers to view a simple but effective mobile site while your customers with PCs should view an elaborate site with all of the bells and whistles they expect.

With BetterBizWorks Web Design and Internet Marketing we can setup a mobile website for only$19.99 per month while providing your PC customers with a full access website. Act now and all fees are waived through February 15th  and we’ll waive the $149.00 set up fee. Keep up with mobile technology and it can reward you handsomely. Learn More!  or 212-904-0020

It’s 2014. Where’s Your Marketing Plan

Website-Marketing-plan It's 2014. Where is your marketing plan? Hopefully you have cut back or eliminated your telephone book ads and created a fresh website with a local professional website designer, which can help you market your business online. Once your site is built you need to create multiple streams of traffic to your website. Market your website at your brick and mortar location if you have one.

Add a sign-up sheet you your front desk. If you have a restaurant put comment cards in your billfolds to collect comments and marketing data like email addresses, cell phone numbers and address and contact info. Create an email list and market to your  customers. Create offers and send them to your website for coupons, articles, newsletters, and ideas. 

Set up a pay per click advertising program that gets people to come to a transaction page on your website. A transaction page is a page that gets your customers to take action on something, whether it's buying a product, printing an offer or filling in lead information or an appointment.

Create Social Media pages and stay top of mind with customers and prospects. Research your marketing platforms to see if the demographics of the social media platform fit your market niche. Remember that social media is mostly free but your time isn't, so don't waste time in platforms that don't fit your needs.

If you have a blog page on your website good for you. The key to success on your site is having plenty of quality content that your visitors will want to read and find useful. Make sure your are adiing fresh interesting content on a regular basis. Always have a call to action at the bottom of every article. If you don't ask you probably won't get. Post the URLs of these same articles on your social media platforms. Make sure the posts are engaging. 

These items above are the basics for creating an online marketing program that can create traffic to your website. whether you need help with a basic online marketing set-up or an elaborate marketing plan, we can help.  If you need more information or would like a professional marketing company to create an online marketing program for you give BetterBizWorks, LLC a call. 212-904-0020 or Contact Us.

Promote Your Website Online

web_design_marketingToday, there are a lot of changes happening in the internet world, especially when it comes to the topic of search engine optimization. It is accurate that some search engine optimization structures have significantly changed; moreover it is true that following some simple plans and working properly and legally will always permit online website owners to receive great results.   

Ultimately, if people like your website, your products, social activity, quality of your site, blog content and customer service, your website will gradually increase in search results. By strengthening each of the criteria mentioned, you can organically promote your website.

In the past, search engines used to depend on material the websites themselves delivered, the quantity of links directed to a specific site, and directory listings. Nowadays, search engine depend more on social activity, citations and quality content that’s organically shared and liked. Basically, the more people find your website attractive, your content exciting and your products decent enough to talk about and share with friends, the higher up your website will be presented on their search results.

An important tip is to make sure that all of the content on your website and blog is really stimulating, applicable, and useful. Don’t post up boring material just because you want to fill up blank pages on your website.

Make sure you keep active social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google + for your business. Share unique content, product pictures and specials with your probable customers. Yet again make sure your content and photographs are very interesting and decent enough to be shared and spoken about. Never take content from other sites or anywhere else. Copied material is known by search engines and is disciplined by them.

When you combine the activity you do on your website with e-commerce store pages you can advance your results. Make sure that your service images contain a link to your own website. Gaining great reviews through the review system of the e-commerce service as well as review websites for example Yelp can help to endorse your business name and reputation.

It is vital to remember that all deeds need to be completed on a consistent basis and for an extended period of time.
To create an effective website for your business contact BetterBizWorks at or call us 212-904-0020

The importance of a professional website

chalk_brownWhen it comes to your website, the design is important to receive traffic and survive. Research has shown that first impressions are very influential for a company and their website. A consumer’s first impression takes approximately seven seconds of viewing a websites homepage. If a website contains a poor design, consumers will perceive it as a bad reflection of the company itself.

There are a number of excellent companies that have not prospered because they have badly designed websites. One of the main reasons why this happens is because too many business owners work on their websites without any assistance or training.

In order to generate a tailored website that involves your brand, you need to hire a professional web designer. Though this might be seen as an extra business expense, the pay-off is substantial.

The main goal is to find a web designer that recognizes your vision for the website and has the expertise to make it a reality. The most successful online businesses and websites have designers because they know the importance of having one. Instead of seeing it as an expense, you need to know it’s a business investment that pays.

When it comes to designing a website it is essential to consider everything from the font size to ad placement and page layout. You want your website to stand out against your competitors by looking and operating better. Today’s trend is a cleaner flat design that brings attention to your product or service. You want a fast loading with all your links correctly working and easy to recognize. The design should funnel your prospect toward the transaction instead of away from your website.

Hiring a professional to create your website will make a substantial difference to the success of your website. In order to succeed and rise above the rest you must have a professionally designed website that builds your brand.

Happy Holidays from BetterBizworks Web Design and Internet Marketing

Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you.


Instagram for your PC


instagramI have been looking for a reliable way to post photos on Instagram from my PC. I found a way that works on PCs and MACs. The website offering software to allow you to do this is owned by Nokia. Once you install Gramblr software you can edit photos in you favorite editor. This means you don’t have to accept the mediocre photos that your cell phone created. You can take professional photos from a better camera, add text and enhance your pictures and artwork to professional standards and then place them on Instagram the way you want them.

You can go to and downaload the software, install it on your pc and start editing photos and start posting to Instagram within 5 minutes. The best news is it’s free. Pick your image edit it, change the size to 650 pixels by 650 pixels, upload the photo and share it. It’s that simple. Give it a try.

If you would like to improve your image on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere on the internet, give BetterBizWorks Web Design and Internet Marketing a call. 212-904-0020.

Dr. James Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez has been practicing on Staten Island since 1995 and is located at 2375 Richmond Ave. Besides private practice, he has also maintained his position of Attending Dentist at Lutheran Medical Center. This has allowed him to supervise and teach young dentists, while helping to bring quality dental care to the people of Sunset Park. His past and present affiliations include The American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Clinical Director's Network, Xaverian High School Promise Fund Committee, and Our Lady Star of the Sea Parish Men's Association. He is committed to taking continuing education courses each year in implant dentistry and orthodontics. Contact us at


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Air Masters Heating and Air Conditioning has been serving Staten Island & Brooklyn with superior customer service since 1990. We are located at 1935 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, New York. We are authorized Trane Dealers and we do most of the heating and air conditioning installations and servicing for Staten Island's Home Depot stores. Air Masters installs and maintains residential and commercial systems throughout th NYC Area.  Air Masters has trained technicians available 24/7 for your convenience. Contact us at our website

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Piermarco Group based in Linden NJ, serves the NY, NJ & PA area. We offer hair care products for professional salons from over a dozen premium companies including:
alfaparf, AG Hair, Avlon, Uniq One, Healium, Neuma, Ntrance, LS&B Grooming, Gammapiu, Rejuvenol, Scruples, and Oblithica. Piermarco Group take pride in a superior level of Sevice, accompanied by offering a top quality education from their knowledgable staff. You can visit their website at